Draynzyme (Environment)

Draynzyme is a revolutionary product invented and manufactured by Dhara Biotech. Marketed by A.S. Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd., it is a smart, sustainable, superior and super-efcient waste management product that can treat human waste, vegetable and food waste, industrial sludge before they reach the treatment plant.
Draynzyme is not just limited to Industrial applications. Our goal is to reach each and every household. Draynzyme is also available for domestic purpose!
Enzymes are naturally occurring proteins. They are catalysts - They increase the rate of chemical reaction. Enzymes can dictate a reaction in such a way as to allow only certain bacteria to grow while other bacteria are killed & digested.

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How Does Drynzyme Work ?

Draynzyme is an enzyme based waste treatment method used in Inline Digestion System, which is a part of your regular underground sewage pipeline. It is placed either at exit from source or at critical junctions of the sewage pipeline.

Advantage Drynzyme

  Improved health status due to less exposure to pathogens.
  Higher productivity because of less health related problems.
  No side effects.
  Low friction and Power loss
  Independent working as no labour is required.
  No foul smell after application.
  Instant result.
  Saves electricity.

Drynzyme Cube

  It is a premium toilet cleaning product, which can be used in domestic sinks and urinals. It contains lemongrass smell which not only kills bad odour but also gives you a fresh feeling. Draynzme can be easily used in canteens, septic tanks, urinals, toilets, wash basins and sewage pipelines.