Mechenical: Mechanical Seal, Valve, Air Compressor, Plate Heat Exchanger, Ball Valves, T-30 with Moter Air Compressor Delivering

The scope of mechanical products is quite broad. Machines, tools, and engines all fall under the mechanical discipline.

It might be as simple as a valve opening and closing or as complex as the operation of a jet engine. Because moving parts are essential to almost everything people build, mechanical products are involved in all kinds of engineering projects. Here’s the product which we have in our kitty.


Mechanical Seal (Eagleburgmann)

Eagleburgmann is a device that prevents/restricts the undesirable flow of fluid in rotating equipment from the high chamber pressure to the atmosphere. It consists of a precision machined parts and seals mechanically at the faces.

Valve (Jc Valve)

A ball valve is a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a hollow, perforated and pivoting ball to control flow through it.


EGGER company, founded by Mr. Emile Egger in 1947, is still an independent family-owned Swiss pump manufacturer specializing in handling solids and aerated liquids.

Air Compressor (Ingersoll Rand)

AIR COMPRESSOR product range for the sector comprises compressors, tools, material handling, pumps, and electric vehicles.

Plate Heat Exchanger

PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER prevents damage to costly plates which can lead to leaks, faulty operation, and reduced equipment life.