Air Purifying Respirator (Safety)

Air-purifying respirators trap air contaminants in a cartridge or filter when the wearer inhales. Particulate respirators capture dust, mists, and fumes. Chemical cartridge respirators capture gases and vapors.
There are different types of APR like……
  Full Face Mask
  Half Face Mask
  Powered Air Purifying Respirator's

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Full Face Mask

3S Basic Plus

  Available in standard and small sizes.
  Several versions of harnesses: rubber, silicone, Nomex EZ-don, adapters for mask-helmet-combinations.
  Lens variants coated in polycarbonate & Triplex glass, also for high mechanical and chemical resistance.
  A Broad range of accessories.
  3S Basic Plus as the economic alternative.
  Also available as mask-helmet-combination.

Advantages 3000 Respirator

  Full face respirator features state-of-the-art design to lower breathing resistance, while preset upper straps make it easy to put on/take off.
  Scratch-resistant wraparound faceplate allows for wide field-of-vision.
  Components can be replaced by hand in seconds

Half-Face Mask

Respiratory Filters

  Filters provide strong protection against a wide range of toxic gases and particles in full accordance.
  A wide range of filters, for protection against organic or inorganic gases and vapor condition according to the required protection range.
  The service time of respiratory filter depends upon usage or can be usually detected by odor, taste or irritation during inhalation.

Respirator Cartridge

  Filter cartridge protect against dusts, particles and mists.
  Chemical cartridge protects against gases and vapors.
  Combination cartridges deliver protection from both particulate and gaseous contaminants.

Advantage 400 Series Half Face Mask

  Respirator boasts several features to increase comfort and provide a customized fit.
  Four-point yoke and harness design promote easy donning and doffing.
  Easily switches between lock-down and drop-down mode.

Powered Air Purifying Respirator's

OptimAir 3000

  Full compatibility of all accessories.
  Smart, ergonomic design packages motor blower, cartridges and battery on user's back.
  Microprocessor-controlled, variable-speed motor provides an optimal amount of air to a user.
  The unit is available in three configurations OptimAir 3000, OptimAir 3000A and OptimAir 3000 EX.
  Audible and visual alarms for low flow indication and low battery voltage.
  A wide variety of accessories is available to suit your own custom requirements.


  It is an escape hood.
  Especially for person endangered but smoke and gases generated by fires.
  Provide protection for the eyes, head and especially the respiratory tract.


  It is a one-time use mobile escape device.
  It can be fitted into the pocket of any work clothing or carried at the belt.
  It can be put on easily and is immediately operational.