Eye Protection (Safety)

“At a glance” our eyes capture very quickly all kinds of information. They are essential for many tasks like reading or driving and can improve the quality of our lives.
There are hazards that can cause severe damage to human vision within a split-second. Possible consequences of such an accident range from a simple temporary irritation up to total loss of sight.
Most injuries are caused by exposure to mechanical (e.g. particles and metal fragments) or chemical hazards, to harmful radiation or a combination of these and other hazards. Anyone working in or passing through such areas that pose eye hazards should wear appropriate protective eyewear at such times.
MSA offers a wide range of eye protectors and soft frame goggles to fit most facial contour. MSA eyewear helps the wearer to comply with demanding labor safety regulations, ensures wearer acceptance and prevents eye injuries caused by mechanical, chemical or radiation hazards that exist in countless working environments.

Photo Gallery

Flexi-Chem Goggles

  Chemical resistant acetate lens for maximum protection.
  Anti-fog coating for improved visibility.
  Indirect venting for comfortable, lasting wear.
  Adjustable band for a close-fitting seals.
  Wide protection from front to side in a modern design.
  Soft touch” body that perfectly adapts to the face.
  Comfortable headband with length adjustment.
  Indirect ventilation allows air movement whilst offering reliable protection.
  Resistance to liquid droplets/splash, large dust particles, high impact at 120 m/s, extremes of temperature and molten metal splash.

1090 Glasses

  Revolutionary safety spectacle showcases the maximum safeguard against eye injuries.
  Extraordinary 9.75 curved lenses provide more than 180degree of coverage, without the distraction of seams or traditional type side shields.
  4-position length adjustable temples.
  Semi-frame & slim temple design creates a spectacle that weighs only 27 grams per pair.
  Special nose-buds secure the glass to your face without slipping, while providing a pillow soft fit.
  Standard lens-high impact resistant; scratch resistant and blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

Giv 2400

  Protects against chemical splash and dust.
  Soft vinyl goggle body conforms to facial contours for a very comfortable fit.
  High velocity & mass Impact resistance against flying particles.
  Optically correct polycarbonate lens.
  Fully adjustable elastic band.