Fall Protection System (Safety)

Public Liability Insurance on Components.Minimum 30 years of warranty with a subject to approved maintenance.
The only company gives EN certificates for entire range in wire rope systems.
Only Permanent Vertical Wire rope systems in the world complying to New European Norms. Products tested for extreme cold and hot temperatures.
Fatigue testing of up to 20 years and re-test certificate. Critical products X-ray tested to confirm 100% dye penetration.Corrosion tested for 6000 hours.
Horizontal Systems verification through exclusive software. All Products are 15-20 years ahead in Technology from nearest competitors.
There are different types of Latchways.
  Horizontal System
  Inclined Systems
  Anchorage Points
  Personal Rescue Device
  Constant Force Post
  Vertical System
  Retractable Block
  Walk Safe

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Horizontal Systems

   can be installed over EOT Cranes, Pipe racks, Loading-unloading bay, Electricity sub-station etc. (Certified as per EN 795 Class C:2012 and CEN 16415)
  Discreet and unobtrusive design and installation. Systems can go around corners, up inclines and accommodate horizontal and vertical sections. Can be retrofitted or included as part of a new build programme.
  Unique Latchways Transfastener™ with patented starwheel design to enable hands-free operation. Latchways purpose written, Windows™ based modeling software simplifies and verifies system design, loads and deflections.
  Fall Protection Standard- Class A2 and Class C.

Personal Rescue Device

  A parachute type ‘rip cord’ that releases the descending system. A brake mechanism and spool with either a 20 m or 40 m cord gently lowers the faller to the ground.
  A standard harness that can be easily released allowing.quick evacuation from the fall zone.
  A revolutionary product which allows the user to conduct self-rescue, after a fall has taken place, without any external help. (Certified to EN 361:2002, EN341:2011 Type 1 Class D, BS EN 13463-1:2001 equipment group 11 category 2).

Retractable Blocks

  A frictionless braking system with no moving Parts that won’t go out of adjustment. Individual components removed and replaced in minutes due to modular design. Components that need only visual Inspection, not mechanical testing.
  Constantly moving, the 100% reliable Full Contact locking Mechanism cannot freeze, hang up or corrode.No wet lubrication to attract dirt and debris. Stainless steel components Unaffected by water, contaminants, temperature and time.
  Modular Chassis Toughened Nylon case to resist impact damage. Case and Chassis are not integrated allowing a case to act as Protective armor.
  Based on full contact mechanism and conforms to IP Ratings. ( Certified as per EN 360).

Walk Safe

  Ideal for creating Safer Walk ways on Roofs ( Certified as per EN 516 Class 1-C, Compliant to BS 476 Part 71987-Class 1 (Y), Conforming to EOTA TR 010125)
  Walk Safe Suitable for:
  Standing beam
  Composite panel
  Built up on site metal roofing
  Secret fix Metal roofing
  Membrane roofing