Supplied Air Respirator(Safety)


Air Line Purifying

The Breathing Air Distribution System filtration box is housed in a rugged polymer case. It is equipped with three-stage filtration, a pressure regulator, a four-outlet manifold and a continuous flow of 115 VAC carbon monoxide monitor. The filtration box may be used in a portable or stationary position.

Alpha Personal Network

Function The alphaSCOUT is automatically activated by turning on the cylinder valve. To pass it on to replacement personnel, simply depressurize the SCBA. The alphaSCOUT can now be switched o and made available for the next user. Individualized alpha tags are used to identify each new user.


The major components of the PremAire Escape have undergone critical high concentration H S testing.3S full face mask or PremAire Mask-Hood. AutoMaXX lung-governed demand valve.


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