L&T Knowledge City


In our research we found that today every organization is facing problem of sewage and sanitation. And they are using the traditional method for its solution which is less effective and more costly and it has many other hurdles too.

The meeting was done between L&T Knowledge City And AS renewable Energy pvt. ltd. in the presence of Mr. Shivam Shukla (Infrastructure & Services) and Mr. jaydeepsinh parmar ( campus administration infrastructure and services) from L&T Knowledge City and Mr. Archit Parikh (director) Mr. Jalendu Pathak (Dhara Biotech) and Mr. Sunil Yadav (Marketing Executive) from AS renewable Energy pvt. ltd.

To provide this benefit to L&T we have visited the plant on 05-08-2014.

As we have develop an innovative solution (draynzyme) for such problem which is effective, less costly and better in many ways.

The conclusion came as to give demo to judge effectiveness of the product.

So according to the detail provided by L&T Knowledge City, we did sample dosing in the canteen chamber.



Draynzyme Fog Busters, L&T plant, sewage and sanitation


We visited the L&T plant on 5th august 2014 and found three major problem in canteen

  Appalling & disturbingly foul odour

  Undigested sludge in canteen chamber

  Top layer of sludge was hard


We applied the combined dosing of following on 05-08-2014 Based on Approx Flow was give by L&T officials.2 DRAYNZYME FOG BUSTERS + 2 SEWAGE AID


L&T Knowledge City, FOG based sludge, Observation L&T Knowledge, Booster Pack


In 1st visit we realize that the sludge in the canteen chamber of the plant was very hard and it was needed the BOOSTER PACK (starter pack) for fast digestion of FOG based sludge.


When we visited the plant on 13-08-2014 we found that the odour was completely removed. And the level of sludge on 13 august was soft and become low as compare to 5th-08-2014.


draynzyme & booster peck, odour & sludge, L&T Knowledge City sample


To see the effect of draynzyme & booster peck we visited the plant on 25-08-2014 with Mr.Jaydeep Parmar & Mr. Dharmesh Rohit.
At the visit both Mr.Jaydeep & Mr. Dharmesh has admitted that thre were no odour & sludge is also start softening.


We realize the following changes as compare to first visit.

Before dosing of Draynzyme

  •   Appalling & disturbing foul odour
  •   Top Layer of sludge was very hard
  •   Excessive amount of undigested sludge
  •   Due to very hard level of sludge, no amount of water was visible

After dosing of Draynzyme

  •   The foul odour was COMPLETELY REMOVED
  •   The sludge layer become SOFTENED
  •   The Sludge digestion process started
  •   After dosing we can see water level up with degraded sludge