Reliance Industries Jamnagar


In our research we found that today every organization is facing problem of sewage and sanitation. And they are using the traditional method for its solution which is less effective and more costly and it has many other hurdles too.

As we have develop an innovative solution (DRAYNZYME) for such problems which is effective, less costly and better in many ways.To provide this benefit to Reliance Industries, we have visited their office and met to Mr. Ravi Ranjan (Asst. Vice President), Mr. Sethu Nair (Senior Manager, Administration) and Mr. Gulab kumar (General Manager)

The meeting was done and he recommended us to do sample dosing at some of their sites.

So according to the detail provided by Reliance officials, we did sample dosing in the canteen chamber of Reliance Plant.



We visited to the Reliance plant on 8th January 2015
we found three major problems in canteen.

  Appalling & disturbingly foul odour

  Undigested sludge in canteen chamber

  No amount of water was visible from outside

  Lines between chambers were chocked

Our Solution

Appalling & disturbingly foul odour

We applied the combined dosing of following in each chamber based on approx. flow provided by reliance officials.




Reliance & realized, inspection Reliance, Dranzyme ,canteen chamber of Reliance Plant


In 3rd visit we did joint inspection with Mr. Paras Mehta from Reliance and realized some changes in the condition of chamber in comparison of earlier condition and they were as under

The hard sludge was broken into particles which show that the sludge digestion process was started

The odour from the chamber was removed

An amount of water was became visible from out side

Visit-2 Observation

 Booster Pack, Observation FOG, sewage water, bacterial peck Results

Visit-2 Observation


For fast digestion of FOG based sludge we again applied booster pack. As Normally In FOG waste, digestive bacterial effect is not enough and at the same time if that chamber is not having enough sewage water (toilet / wash water ) as the case we find in other chamber, so to accelerate digestion we need to put digestive bacterial peck (booster pack) to get better results.


draynzyme & booster peck, odour & sludge, canteen chamber of Reliance Plant, Draynzyme Fog Busters


To see the effect of draynzyme & booster peck we visited the plant on 17-03-2015.
Once again we did joint inspection with Mr. Paras Mehat from Reliance And we found that there were no odour & sludge was Degraded.


We realize the following changes as compare to first visit.

Before dosing of Draynzyme

  •   Appalling & disturbing foul odour
  •   Excessive amount of undigested sludge
  •   Due to very hard level of sludge, no amount of water was visible

After dosing of Draynzyme

  •   The foul odour was COMPLETELY REMOVED
  •   The Sludge was completely degraded
  •   The level of water came up to top