Sodexo Foods – Alstom Plant


In our research we found that today every organization is facing problem of sewage and sanitation. And they are using the traditional method for its solution which is less effective and more costly and it has many other hurdles too.

As we have develop an innovative solution (draynzyme) for such problems which is effective, less costly and better in many ways.

To provide this benefit to SODEXO we have visited their office and met to Mr. brijesh Pabri.

The meeting was done and he recommended us to do sample dosing at some of their sites. As per his reference we contact Mr. juned sheikh (Canteen Manager, Schneider).

After dosing of DRAYNZYME in schneider, mr juned sheikh has recommended to dose it at alstom plant as they were facing same problem on higher scale in that plant.

As per his recommendation we contact Mr.Purana Das (Canteen Manager, alstom) and with his permission did dosing of draynzyme at canteen chamber.



Problem Alstom plant, Sewage & Sanitation, Sodexo Visited


We visited the Alstom plant on 7th November 2014 and found three major problem in canteen.

Appalling & disturbingly foul odour

Sludge in canteen chamber

Top layer was full of oil and vegetable waste.

Visit-1 Our Solution

innovative solution, Sodexo Officials Approx Flow, Draynzyme Fog Booster

visit-1 Our Solution

We applied the combined dosing of following on 07-11-2014 Based on Approx Flow was give by sodexo officials .



Observation Sodexo, Visited Draynzyme Plant, Vegetable Wastage, Oil &Vegetable



To see the effect of draynzyme we visited the plant on 18-11-2014 we found that the odour was completely removed. And no layer of oil and no vegetable wastage were there.
At the visit Mr Gopal has admitted that there were no odour & He realize the following changes as compare to first visit.


We realize the following changes as compare to first visit.

Before dosing of Draynzyme

  •   The foul odour was COMPLETELY REMOVED
  •   Top layer of sludge was full of oil and vegetable waste

After dosing of Draynzyme

  •   Appalling & disturbing foul odour
  •   Layer of oil was removed and no vegetable wastage were there