Eye Protection

You may never know when a small mistake can damage your vision within a split second.

High-impact and 100% UV resistant goggles that gives proven protection against hazards.

The eyes are one of the most precious commodities and protective eyewear can help you protect them from potential risks at the workplace. Workers should get into the habit of keeping their glasses near work tools so that they don’t forget to wear them.

Other possible consequences can range from a simple temporary irritation up to a total loss of sight. A standard certified goggles can prevent your exposure to harmful radiation or harmful metal fragments from mechanical and chemical industries.

Fortunately, ASE Group brings you, best-in-class eye protectors, from MSA – a global brand manufacturing safety solutions. Make your choice from eye protectors to soft frame goggles that comply with all labour safety regulations.

All our safety goggles offer perfect eye enclosure protection by providing a closely fitting seal around the eyes along with excellent anti-scratch and antifog coated lenses of the best optical quality (class 1). They are perfectly designed to meet the unique needs of varied industries.