ActivArmr® 43-113

ActivArmr® 43-113

The 43-113 is your ultimate cut and heat resistant glove made with DuPont Kevlar outer yarn. This go-to fiber comes with 5X the strength of steel based on an equal weight basis, making it the perfect fiber to manufacture protective apparel and accessories. Know more about the other features of this amazing product.

  • Made with DuPont Kevlar outer yarn
  • Resistant to contact, convective, and radiant heat
  • Flame resistant. Glove shell will not melt, drip or propagate a flame
  • Long knit wrist cuff extends protection to the wrist
  • High level of cut protection: EN level 5 and level E
  • Designed for intermittent handling of dry hot objects up to 350°C / 660°F
  • Flame resistant - Self extinguishes when exposed to flame

  • Handling hot glass, bottles and panes
  • Handling hot metal castings
  • Rubber processing, vulcanizing and calendering
  • Demoulding rubber tyres, belts and profiles
  • Removing products from autoclaves

  • Machinery and Equipment



Liner Material

Kevlar para aramid with silica fiber core

Coating Material




Cuff Style




Length (mm)





6 pairs/bag; 6 bags in carton        EN 374 Microorganism