Active Armor 43-113

With a Dupont Kevlar outer yarn, ActivArmr 43-113 safety gloves can handle dry hot items up to 350 °C/660 °F while resisting radiant, convective, and contact heat. Flame-resistant gloves like the ActivArmr 43-113 do not melt, drip, or spread flames as they extinguish themselves, shielding hands, wrists, and arms from severe burns. They are a great option for handling machinery and equipment because they also meet the cut resistance requirements of ANSI A5/EN ISO E. Cotton lining gives the protective gloves made by ActivArmr 43-113 more dexterity and absorbency. Additionally, their lengthy knit wrist cuff provides more wrist and forearm protection.


Product Highlights

  • Dupont Kevlar outer yarn: Tolerates dry handling up to 350°C/660°F
  • Self-extinguishing design: For reliably flame-resistant work gloves.
  • ANSI A5/EN ISO E cut resistance certification: Superb hand

Product Details & Specifications

  • Brand – ActivArmr 43-113
  • Description – Liner Material: Kevlar para aramid with silica fiber core
  • Cuff Style: Knitwrist
  • Gauge – 7
  • Size – 9, 10, 11
  • Length- 330-381 mm/12.99-15 inches
  • Package – 6 pair/bag; 6 bags/carton


  • Handling hot glass, bottles and panes.
  • Handling hot metal castings.
  • Rubber processing, vulcanizing and calendering.
  • Demoulding rubber tyres, belts and profiles.
  • Removing products from autoclaves.


  • Machinery and Equipment