The industrial chemical protective suit is equipped with a superior, breathable microporous laminate that is specifically designed for industrial applications. It provides wearers with moderate chemical protection as per CE Category III Type 5/6, effectively resisting liquid and particulate biological hazards, including radioactive particulates, in accordance with EN 1073-2 standards.

This protective body suit also meets EN 14126 and ASTM F1670/1671 standards for blood-borne pathogen protection and DIN 32781 requirements for pesticide resistance.


Product Highlights

Advanced breathability: The use of microporous polyethylene laminate nonwoven fabric makes it water vapor-permeable, reducing heat stress

Assured antistatic capabilities: In addition, this protective suit satisfies EN 1149-5 antistatic standards

Reduced cross contamination risks: Low-linting fabric lessens cross contamination risk in critical areas

Limited allergy and surface defect risks: Latex- and silicone-free by design, risks of Type IV latex allergies or contaminant transfer to metal when spray-painting are minimized

Enhanced fit and features: This chemical-protective suit’s optimized fit and finger loops enhance comfort and user-friendliness, while a three-piece hood provides added protection and a two-way front zipper with resealable storm flap enhance practicality

Product Details & Specifications

  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Microporous polyethylene laminate non-woven
  • SEAM TYPE: Bound
  • SHELF LIFE: 5 years
  • WEIGHT: 63gsm


  • Clean room cleaning and preparing
  • Production line support & maintenance
  • Maintenance of plant and machines
  • Veterinary Services
  • Cleaning of plant and machines


  • Life Sciences
  • Automotive
  • Metal fabrication
  • Food Processing
  • Defense
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Chemical
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Oil and gas
  • Utilities