These encapsulated chemical protective suits are designed for use with air-fed/supplied systems. They offer exceptional protection, with permeation tests conducted on over 200 chemicals, including chemical warfare agents.

The suits feature welded and taped seams, providing the highest barrier against liquids and particulates. Additionally, their panoramic visor design ensures a wide field of vision for the wearer.


Product Highlights

  • HEPA filter provides secondary protection from airline contamination and a SMC silencer ensures the noise inside the suit is always below 70 dB (even at maximum airflow).
  • Suit/Belt mounted regulator complete with a low flow warning whistle the AVANT STS regulator can be mounted on the suit and removed for reuse providing cleaning and decontamination is permissible.
  • Emergency rip cord permits rapid doffing of the suit in cases of emergency or undue distress to the wearer
  • Attached socks with elasticated boot overflap – Socks are designed to be worn inside chemical protective boots with the leg overflap worn outside to reduce the potential for chemical ingress.


  • Affixed by the wearer and detachable for reuse when appropriate
  • Air flow adjustable from 340 L/min to 590 L/min at a working pressure of 3.5 to 5 bar
  • Polyester webbing belt with YKK buckle for an assured connection should the airline be snagged or pulled
  • Low flow warning whistle
  • External connector mount swivels 360°

Product Details & Specifications

  • PRODUCT MATERIAL: Multi-layer non-woven barrier laminate fabric
  • SEAM TYPE: Welded and Taped
  • SHELF LIFE: 5 years
  • STANDARDS OVERVIEW: CE CATEGORY III (Type 3, EN 1073-1, EN 14594, EN 1149-5)
  • WEIGHT: 103gsm


  • Contaminated Environments
  • Chemical Handling
  • Filling, blending and charging of raw materials
  • Transferring liquids and solids
  • Opening and draining pumps valves or lines
  • Loading and unloading of proces equipment
  • Raw material sample collection
  • Concentration mixing and palletisation
  • Hazmat response
  • Assembly and disassembly of large pipes


  • Chemical
  • Life Sciences
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Fire and Rescue