ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector

The MSA ALTAIR PRO is a reliable high-performance single- gas detector with a wide choice of sensors, capable of detecting oxygen depletion and a range of toxic gases including CO, H2S and SO2.

Electrochemical sensors are designed specifically to detect and quantify the levels of harmful gases like chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, and phosphine, in addition to measuring the oxygen content. These sensors are engineered with a focus on offering exceptional safeguarding against dust and water, remarkable resistance to impact, and outstanding performance in terms of radio frequency interference (RFI).


Product Highlights

Technologically Superior Sensors

The ALTAIR® Pro Single-Gas Detector is equipped with a wide array of field-proven, fast-responding 20 series sensors. It provides various configuration options, including O2, CO, H2S, NH3, Cl2, ClO2, HCN, NO2, PH3, and SO2. All the sensors are easy to fit ensuring minimal instrument down time.

Robust Design

ALTAIR PRO has an IP67 rating, making it highly durable and capable of withstanding a 3-meter drop test. The housing is constructed with extra-thick rubberised to protect against accidental drops. Its tight seal ensures effective resistance against water and dust. Additionally, the unit’s metal screw inserts provide long-lasting structural stability throughout its lifespan.

Easy to Read Display and hassle free operation

The ALTAIR PRO comes with a large numeric display that is easy to read, enabling users to effortlessly monitor gas concentration, alarm conditions, battery status, set points, and peak readings with precision and assurance. ALTAIR PRO is designed for simple and trouble-free operation, and its true single-button functionality allows quick and easy access to all features.

By confirming “Gas Test” with a single button press, ALTAIR PRO allows for a simple bump check, which will be recorded and displayed on the screen as a checkmark for 24 hours.

With the rugged suspension clip fitted as standard the ALTAIR PRO can be securely attached to clothing.

Distinctive Alarm System

The superior triple alarm system consists of a distinctive audible alarm of 95 dB at 30 cm, superbright LEDs visible from a 320° angle and a strong vibration alarm. The High alarm sounds distinctly different from the Low, TWA and STEL alarm and this difference is also repeated for the visual alarm. The numeric display also shows “LO” or “HI” alarm status.

Full Data logging As Standard

A highly comprehensive data logging facility is standard on ALTAIR PRO. The 50 latest events, along with the peak gas reading (or low O2 reading) are recorded in the session log every 3 minutes. The multi-lingual MSA Link Software is used to transfer the data to a PC via the ALTAIR PRO’s Infra-Red link. Here the data can be assessed quickly and easily.

Other Features

The CR2 battery of the ALTAIR Pro is compact yet highly efficient and will run for over a year over a standard working week.  The batteries are commercially available and simple to replace and their status is continually displayed on the gas detector.

The carbon monoxide monitor’s alarms along with the response to a known gas concentration can be checked by ALTAIR QuickCheck by simply pressing the button and placing it onto the test station.  The test results are displayed on the three LEDs.  ALTAIR QuickCheck will be available either with automatic gas delivery system or manual regulator.

The GALAXY automated record keeping and calibration test system is a completely stand alone system that does not require the use of a computer.  To allow multiple instruments to be simultaneously tested, calibrated and charged up to 10 GALAXY modules can be connected together and using an industry standard flash card over 1000 individual test records can be stored.  An optical wired connection is also available.

Product Details & Specifications

Make: MSA

Applications: Confined Space, Turnarounds & Plant Maintenance

Approvals / Standards: FTZU, CE, CMC

Industries: Construction, General Industry, Mining, Oil & Gas, Utilities