Elbow Propeller Pumps

This one is an ideal pump with an excellent suction performance for large flow rates (up to 7,000 l/s) with low discharge heads available with a welded or cast design and 3 or 4 blades, depending on the requested differential head.

Owing to its systematic development of the flow geometry, these pumps can attain an overall efficiency up to 75%.


Product Highlights

  • Thick blade profiles for long service life
  • Gentle transport with sensitive, crystalline fluids
  • Available in a wide range of metallic materials

Product Details and Specifications


  • Robust construction – long service life
  • Operates gently with sensitive crystalline liquid
  • Fiber repellent
  • Excellent suction characteristics
  • Attain efficient up to 75%


  • Crystallization plants
  • Vaporization plants
  • Reactor loops
  • Sludge recirculation
  • Pumping stations