Flame Retardant

Sophisticated industrial working environments can expose workers to multiple threats. In many environments, the risk of exposure to flames and accidental fires is accompanied by the risk of acid splashes and spills, which can cause serious injury and even loss of life.

Commonly known as Flame Acid, this type of protective workwear makes use of complex chemical principles to ensure that it is effective, durable and functional, working double duty to offer much-needed protection in the workplace.


Product Highlights

Flame Acid textiles are treated with a variety of safe substances to give them the properties required to resist corrosion by acids and destruction by flames.

The Flame Acid range boasts Flame Retardant (FR) and Acid Repellant (AR) properties for use in complex environments with multiple safety risks.

Flame Acid workwear gives workers the peace of mind and time to react and minimise minor accidents in the workplace, avoiding major damage and physical harm.

Unlike many synthetic fires, Flame Acid clothing doesn’t melt when it comes into contact with fire.

The acid repellant component of Sweet-Orr garments protects users against a broad spectrum of commonly-used acids.

Flame Acid garments protect against flames caused by chemical and electrical processes.
Well constructed Flame Acid workwear also protects workers from intense heat caused by fires.

Fabric Features

  • Naturally anti-static
  • Excellent colour fasteners
  • Comfort
  • Breathable
  • Dual Function (Flame Acid and Acid Repellent properties)
  • Protection in molten splash & smelter environments
  • Arc rating: 15 Cal/cm2 ATPV

Product Details & Specifications

Fabric: D59 -100% Coton Flame Acid Repellant

Weight: 315gsm

Industries: Petroleum, Battery manufacturing
, Mining and rigging, Steel and boiler making