Gallet F1 XF

The Gallet F1 XF is a highly robust and a superior fire helmet made for the comfort and safety of firefighters. The helmet is made of  thermoplastic material that can withstand high temperatures and offers exceptional protection from impacts, heats, and flames.

The Gallet F1 XF sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets. Due to the virtues of innovation and sturdy built quality, it offers protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity. The configurable design makes the Gallet F1 XF fire helmet the perfect fit for various interventions such as structural and outdoor fires, technical rescue operations and road traffic accidents.


Product Highlights

  • Ergonomic, well balanced design, providing unmatched comfort in all operating conditions
  • Helmet sizes ensuring an optimal fit for both small and large head sizes
  • Effective, intuitive and robust adjustment mechanisms, ensuring optimal fit for all user profiles
  • Unique adjustable ocular visor – fitting over prescription glasses while providing gap-free enclosure
  • Comfortable, high-performance face protection with excellent coverage, clear or gold coating
  • Extended thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions
  • Fully integrated lighting module with unique distribution of light and weight, supporting work and safe navigation in the dark

Product Details & Specifications

Make: MSA

Applications: Confined Space, Search & Rescue, Firefighting

Material: Polyamide Blend

Industries: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining, Fire Service

Dielectric Protection: 440 V AC

Ventilation: Non Vented

Impact Protection: Top