GIV 2400 Chemical Splash Goggles

These goggles are designed to be superior in terms of light weightness and resistance to splashes and impacts. They have a contoured and low-profile design, with vent channels at the top and bottom to minimize fogging. The goggles provide a snug fit and come with features such as anti-fog, anti-scratch, and anti-static properties.

They also have indirect vents for added comfort. These goggles have been approved according to the standards ANSI Z 87.1 and CE EN 166, making them suitable for grinding and protection against chemical splashes.


Product Highlights

  • Protects against chemical splash and dust.
  • Soft vinyl goggle body conforms to facial contours for a very comfortable fit.
  • High velocity & mass Impact resistance against flying particles.
  • Optically correct polycarbonate lens.
  • Fully adjustable elastic band.
  • Scratch-resistant, hard-coated 100% polycarbonate lenses filter out more than 99.9% of harmful UV radiation.

Product Details


Lens: Polycarbonate (8 base cylinder lens)
Body: PVC (Flexible fitting goggle with indirect vents)
Nose piece: PVC