Golden Visor

The MSA Gold Visor F1 XF is a protective visor designed to be used with MSA safety helmets. It offers advanced eye and face protection in various firefighting and fire rescue operations.

The Gold Visor F1 XF features a gold-coated visor, which provides enhanced visibility and clarity. The gold coating helps reduce glare and offers excellent colour recognition in various lighting conditions.


Product Highlights

Ideal for hot working conditions, such as foundries, steel mills, and blast furnaces.

These special visors are thick, molded and reflective coated to protect against damage from impact, radiation and heat.

The visor is manufactured to provide high optical quality, ensuring clear vision for the wearer. It is designed to minimize distortion, reflections, and optical imperfections that could hinder visibility or cause eye strain.

The Gold Visor F1 XF is designed for quick and easy installation on compatible MSA fire safety helmets.