Hybrid Pumps

This high performance patented vortex pump with a hybrid impeller combines the advantages of our semi-open impeller (EO/EOS) with those of a Turo® vortex impeller. The TEO range is suitable for sewage sludge in waste-water technology, grinding oil emulsions with a high proportion of air, emulsions with chips or SiC slurries in the solar industry.


Product Highlights

  • Stable suction characteristic during the transport of fluids with up to 10% gas content
  • Interchangeability with a Turo® Vortex impeller

Product Details and Specifications


  • High efficiency (even with viscous fluids)
  • Large spherical channel
  • Stable start up level (especially for gas containing fluids)
  • Saving energy – suction behaviour
  • Excellent suction and stable pumping characteristics


  • Grinding oil emulsions with a high proportion of air
  • Emulsions with chips in the automotive industry
  • SiC slurries in the solar industry
  • Sewage sludge in the wastewater technology