The motionSCOUT is a stand-alone personal alert safety system designed to detect the absence of bodily movement and trigger an automatic alarm. It also offers the convenience of manual activation for added safety measures. This system is incredibly user-friendly, ensuring ease of use for all individuals.

Equipped with a sensitive electronic motion sensor, the motionSCOUT is capable of accurately identifying and responding to normal body movements. Its maintenance-free and durable construction ensures a cost-effective and reliable performance. With an impressive operating time of over 200 hours, the system provides an extended period of use, matching the alarm’s continuous sound duration of 10 hours.


Product Highlights

  • Clear and intuitive to use
  • Sensitive electronic motion sensor
  • Highly visible red LEDs
  • Bi-colour LED indicating status & low battery
  • 95 dB alarm for >10 hours sound
  • Robust, easyto-grip design
  • Integrated gasket
  • Rugged suspension clip
  • IP67 watertight
  • Maintenance-free

Product Details and Specifications

Applications: Confined Space, Firefighting, Search & Rescue

Markets: General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Fire Service

Approvals / Standards: ATEX, EN, JCDD, EMC