PAPR Systems

The Optrel respiratory protection systems are uncompromisingly manufactured for professional use. During arc welding, grinding and many other dust-intensive activities, your respiratory tract is always exposed to harmful smoke, dusts and often toxic gases. Wearing a personal respiratory protection system is therefore essential, no matter how good your working environment is ventilated.


Product Highlights

Swiss air

The PAPR system with a TH3 certified particle master filter is a groundbreaking solution that effectively removes 99.8% of harmful particles from the air you breathe. This respiratory protection system meets the highest TH3 standard and offers reliable defense against smoke, aerosol, dust, and viruses. It features automatic altitude and temperature compensation, eliminating the need for fit testing.


The optrel e3000X is an advanced respiratory protection system equipped with a TH3 particle filter of the utmost security level. It ensures that 99.8% of harmful particles are filtered out, making it indispensable for individuals working in mildly or heavily polluted environments. This system provides breathing protection of the highest safety class (TH3) and offers reliable defense against smoke, aerosol, and dust. It also includes automatic air flow control and adjustment for optimal performance.

Supplied air

In environments where toxicity is a concern, or in confined spaces such as boiler or vessel construction, maintaining a clean air supply is crucial. The optrel supplied air system acts as a link between the compressed air carrying case and the fresh air helmet, ensuring a sufficient and uncontaminated flow of air.