Process Pumps EO/EOS

This pump consists of different impellers for both large and small particle sizes, making it suitable for chemical, petrochemical and paper & pulp industries. It is also useful for homogeneous liquids containing high concentrations of solids and high gas content and comes with different number of impeller blades for small and large particle sizes.

Process pumps are frequently used in wastewater technology and with numerous abrasive and corrosive media.


Product Highlights

  • Pumping of fluids with gas contents up to 25 % vol
  • Semi ¬open impeller
  • Different numbers of blades

Product Details and Specifications


  • High suction capability
  • Low energy costs
  • Gas content upto 25% volume
  • High solid concentration
  • Constant delivery rate
  • Impeller models
  • Modular system


  • Demanding fluids in the chemi¬cal and petrochemical industries
  • Multiphase mixtures for reactor loops
  • Aerated fiber suspensions in the pulp and paper industry
  • Wastewater and aggressive fluids in wastewater technology
  • Numerous abrasive and corrosive fluids