Solutions for Roofing

We offer a unique safety solution for individuals working at heights, focusing on providing the highest quality, versatility, and expertise. We collaborate closely with leading roofing manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of fall protection systems suitable for various roof styles and types. Our Latchways® Fall Protection Systems are designed with a strong emphasis on design and testing. They are discreet, flexible, and reliable, making them an ideal choice for protecting workers accessing roofs for maintenance and inspection purposes.


Product Highlights

Latchways Constant Force® Post Lifeline

The Latchways Constant Force Post Lifelines can be installed on various roof types, offering fall protection to workers.

Latchways VersiRail® Guardrail

The Latchways VersiRail guardrail system is collective protection available in freestanding or fixed configurations to prevent falls.

Latchways Walksafe®

WalkSafe walkway systems are attached to rooftops, creating a level and slip-resistant surface to protect workers from fall hazards.

Rooflight Covers

Rooflight covers are designed to prevent employees from falling through fragile rooflights, whether they are in-plane or raised.

Latchways Freestanding Constant Force® Post Anchor

The Latchways Freestanding Constant Force post anchor is used for intermittent access to flat roofs or structures, ensuring safety.

Latchways® Ladder Lifeline System

The Latchways LadderLatch systems provide safe vertical access and can be installed on new or existing ladders.