V Gard 500 Vented

ASE Group is a leading supplier of MSA safety and industrial helmets. The vented V-Gard 500 helmets, are intended to be used in warm, muggy conditions where the operating condition requires more ventilation. It has several ventilation openings that let air pass through the helmet, preventing heat buildup and keeping the wearer comfortable. The vented design of these helmets facilitates the circulation of air around the wearer’s head, helping to dissipate heat and moisture.

The V-Gard 500 Vented Helmets usually include a suspension system for a comfortable fit and effective impact energy absorption. The suspension may be adjustable to accommodate different head sizes and preferences.


Product Highlights

  • Robust design, durable shell construction using ABS material
  • Cooling vents for improved air circulation and comfort
  • GlaregardĀ® Surface under brim to reduce reflective glare
  • Lateral contours for easy integration of hearing protection
  • Extended rain trough for around-the-brim protection in hot and/or wet environments
  • Standard slots to easily attach MSA visors and/or ear muffs
  • Helmet is antistatic and tested according to EN 13463-1 and therefore suitable for use in ATEX environments, hazardous zones 12,20,21 and 22

Product Details & Specifications

Make: MSA

Applications: Confined Space, Working at Heights

Material: ABS

Industries: Construction, General Industry, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining

Impact Protection: Top Impact (Type 1)

Available Colours: White, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Hi-Vis Yellow, Hi-Vis Orange