Visor for Radiant Heat/ Elevated Temperature

Reflective-coated visors offer protection from irradiance, or the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) energy created in elevated temperature environments. V-Gard Reflective Coated Visors offer an EN166 “R” mark. This means they have been certified to reflect >60% Infrared (IR) radiation in the 780 nm to 2000 nm wavelengths.

V-Gard Reflective Visors have been shown to reduce temperatures behind the visor by several hundred degrees, and lower irradiance to below 0.1 kW/m2. For details on V-Gard Reflective-Coated Visor performance.


Product Highlights

  • Reflective coating reflects IR and helps dissipate heat: reflects >60% Infrared (IR) radiation (EN166 R mark) in the 780nm to 2000nm wavelength
  • Thick visor helps prevent warping, cracking or crazing
  • Extended length for greater coverage of face and neck
  • Available in green tint to reduce glare
  • Anti-fog/anti-scratch coatings for hot/humid conditions

Product Details & Specifications

Make: MSA

Material: Polycarbonate

Applications: Grinding, Pouring, casting, blowing/melting, Rolling, sawing, cutting, crimping, Machining/operating, Pipelining, Pulping