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their workforce to thrive in challenging industrial environment

We are more than just a top rated safety products dealer and supplier in India, we are a complete industrial safe solutions provider focusing on India. We collaborate and propose industrial safety solutions that add value to safety product procurement.

We jointly work with our clients to understand the risk involvement, safety challenges their workforce go through and working condition to propose the best safety products, making their procurement procedures simple and hassle free.

  • Wide range of safety products portfolio to cater almost every industry and their hazardous working environment
  • Providing solutions as per industry type, working condition and criticality of applications
  • Help clients select the best safety products as per the working environment and risk involved
Safety Products for Diverse Industrial Working ConditionsIndustries
Safety Solutions that saves lives and encourages workforces and enhances productivitySafety Products

ASE offers a variety of solutions to help industries maintain a their HSE standards and protect their workforce from potential hazards and industrial accidents.

ASE offers Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves, helmets, safety glasses, respirators, and other protective gear that can help prevent injury and illness in the workplace.

ASE provides 360-degree solutions to ensure that employees are equipped with the appropriate PPEs for their jobs, and are educated on how to use and maintain PPEs. By taking a comprehensive approach, ASE ensures that the workers are protected in the workplace and minimise the risk of injury or illness.

Solutions for diverse industrial working environment

Confined Space


Working at height


Influence of extreme heat


Exposure to chemicals


Rescue and Fire


Welding and Fabrication


Plant Operation and Maintenance


Mechanical Protection


Electrical Influence


Exposure to bio hazards


Critical Pharma Conditions


Influence of Gases and Fumes


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